My Advice For Anyone Moving To Holland

This might be a a post for a bit of a niche audience, but after spending a year living in the beautiful Netherlands, I feel I’ve got a little bit of expertise to share. So, whether you’re emigrating for good, or going there to study, here’s my two cents.

  1. Make sure you can cycle!!! It’s such an important part of the Dutch lifestyle. Everyone does it, even on nights out, and it’s free. Public transport is pretty expensive, so cycling really is a must!
  2. It’s a small country- see it! It’s so easy to get from one end of the country to the other, and so many cities are unique and full of character, I can’t recommend visiting as many as possible enough. Obviously Amsterdam is one I’m sure everyone will visit, but there’s so much more good stuff. I’d suggest starting with Maastricht.
  3. Embrace the food! Dutch cuisine isn’t world renowned for being incredible, and truthfully it’s a little crappy, but you’re living there, so enjoy it for what it is! Eat a load of fries! Enjoy the deep fried snacks! Get your burgers from vending machines!
  4. Prepare for bloody cold winters! It’s not that far from England Geographically, but for some reason the temperature seems to be a few degrees colder in winter and hotter in summer. I remember cycling late at night over winter, without gloves and being in soOoOo much pain! Prepare!!
  5. Visit the surrounding countries too! You’re super close to Germany and Belgium, Luxembourg and France if you travel a little further. All see-able within 4 hours. I regret not taking full advantage of this, so learn from my mistakes!
  6. Learn to love beer! This wasn’t a problem for me, but when some friends visited me who didn’t drink beer, they struggled. Spirits and mixers are v v expensive in nightclubs, so little beers are the best way to do a night out.
  7. Don’t worry about the language. I’m not saying don’t learn Dutch! But everyone will speak English, so don’t feel stupid asking for anything!

That’s all I can think of for now, but I may add to this post in the future when more things spring to mind. If that’s the case I’ll repost it- so make sure you’re following me to get the updates!!

Thanks for reading!


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