My Unpopular Opinions…

Recently I saw trending on twitter #stateanunpopularopinion… I could've joined in but instead it inspired me to write a whole post, so sit back and enjoy a bunch of things you're probably going to disagree with!

  1. Ed Sheeran sucks. Overrated, boring pop music. He's absolutely massive isn't he, but God knows why…
  2. Double denim is a legitimate look. I wanna wear my denim jacket and I wanna wear my jeans. Why must the fashion police frown upon this?!
  3. Once you've seen one cathedral you've seen them all. I got super cathedral-ed out on my year abroad. I saw so many and once you've seen something impressive like the best ones in Rome none can compare and they become pretty dull. Too much of a good thing.
  4. Nandos is overrated. Over priced chicken and chips or rice if you're feeling exotic. There's a million better chain restaurants.
  5. Autumn is the best season. Summer's nice, but I h a t e the clothes. T-shirts and shorts are impossible to look good in. I love the layers and jackets you can wear in Autumn, plus cosy nights in without the freezing cold of winter is perfect.
  6. English Literature at university is a glorified book club. A bit of self deprecation here- oooo! I pay 9000 pounds a year to sit and talk about books. (There's a lot more to it independently, that's why I said glorified!) As long as I get a job at the end of it I'm not complaining!
  7. Growing up sucks! Loads of people can't wait to get older, but I'm happy to put it off as long as possible. Adulthood starts at 30!
  8. Food isn't that good. Not worth risking your health over anyway.
  9. Disney ruin franchises. Oh my god, another Marvel film. And another Star Wars film. Especially Marvel. Quality over quantity guys.
  10. Poached eggs are kind of bland. Everywhere you go for Brunch these days, poached eggs. I mean, they're okay? But their recent rise to fame baffles me.

I thought I'd have way more to say before sitting down and writing this, but maybe I follow crowds more than I thought. And I didn't want to get political or toooo controversial!

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4 thoughts on “My Unpopular Opinions…

  1. This made me laugh so hard! Honestly, I agree with you on more than one thing. But yes, Autumn is the best. I can hide in my coat and keep my hood up even when it’s not raining- something about hoods is just so comforting LOL. 😀

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