Trying Those Charcoal Blackhead Things!

A little while ago there was a massive trend throughout the internet, blogs and videos, of people trying charcoal blackhead removers. I'm sure you've seen plenty of these, but late to the party as ever, I decided to try it myself. To cut a long story short- w h a t a load of rubbish.

So you start off by applying a warm flannel to your nose for about three minutes to open the pores..

Fun fun fun.. then you dry your face and are ready for the magic! The first thing I noticed was how black this stuff really is. Definitely charcoal, it looks like tar. It's also super sticky, really hard to get off your fingers, and I didn't realise there was an applicator in the box until after I'd put it on!

I applied a semi thick layer to my nose, and waited fifteen minutes for it to dry. I could feel it tightening, which was weirdly nice.

Once it was dry obviously it was time to peel it off. A lot of videos you see of these really exaggerate how painful they are, because truthfully it was like peeling off PVA glue. Super satisfying at least.

I'm not sure if perhaps I didn't have it on thick enough, or perhaps I didn't have enough blackheads, but the results were disappointing. I had expected to see hundreds of the little blighters but no such luck.

I actually took before and after photos but looking back now there's actually no difference so what's the point.

Again, in the defence of charcoal face masks, I didn't buy a popular brand one, opting for a cheaper one with good reviews from Amazon. Who knows?

I'll try it again in a week, maybe thicker next time, and if the results are good I'll keep you updated! Until then, thanks for reading and don't forget to press follow!!

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