Embracing The Outdoor Lifestyle!

The British summer is infamous for being temperamental and generally crappy- today was no different. Hot then cold, rainy then bright and breezy! But, I've spent enough time indoors this year, so we decided to head to the local pitch n putt for a game of par 3 golf. I started off the day the right way with a healthy smoothie. Got to get those vitamins and minerals to hit that ball!

After this fruity start to the day, I was ready for the full 18 holes. By no means am I a pro-golfer, and this shone throughout the round..

The pitch n putt we go to has a pretty straight forward first 9, all quite straight forward and uneventful, and I held my own at first.

Unfortunately, when I got to the back 9 my game fell apart. I lost a ridiculous amount of balls, had to retake a barmy amount of shots and all round had a shocker of a time, eventually ending in last place.

At least I looked the part, wearing a sporty adidas track jacket, zeffer straight leg jeans, a dickies baseball cap and t shirt and the standard colourway vans old skills!

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