21 Things I’ve Accomplished Aged 21

Although it’s always positive to look forward, too much of my future is built around a want. Whether it’s a want for experience, for possessions or for a feeling, I’m driven by the satisfaction I think I’ll feel once I’ve accomplished these wants. A while ago I posted 30 Things To Do Before I’m 30 , which I still fully want to tick off. But for today’s post, I thought I’d practice the act of self appreciation and acknowledge what I’ve already achieved! Some are small things most people have done, so hey, we can celebrate together! 

*Having just finished writing this post, I’ve come back to the top to say how bloody hard it was to write! Blowing my own trumpet was way more challenging than writing about things I’ve not achieved yet!!*

1.Lived abroad for a year– Starting with the big one here! I think it’s quite a big deal that aged 20 I went to a foreign country, which speaks a foreign language, with it’s foreign customs and I managed to last the entire year. I’m a pretty quiet, shy person, so for me this was an achievement on that front, as well as the cool travel aspect!

2. Gotten pretty good at cooking!– Three years of living away at uni has certainly helped on this front!

3. I’ve had a piece of fiction published- A short story called The Commute was published in a literary journal called The Purple Breakfast Review.

4. I won an award for the published piece- I was invited to an awards ceremony up in Loughborough, after I was initially shortlisted for ‘Best Prose’. I was then shortlisted, but still didn’t think I’d win so didn’t bother going… I won!

5. Passed my driving test!

6. Moved out and lived independently- Living at home over summer is now actually harder than living alone!

7. Seen over 200 bands live- Music is a passion of mine, so I’ve made sure to commit to indulging in it!

8. Visited about 14 European countries- I may be missing one or two from my count!

9. I’ve had my first ever part time job- I worked in a cafe, and here I realised I have a pretty good work ethic, which I’m quite proud of!

10. Been an extra in two films! – This is something I’d love to write a blog post on, but part of the terms of being an extra are signing confidentiality agreements, and I’d like to work more as an extra. Perhaps one day, when it’s behind me, I’ll write about it!

11. Been to the Hogmanay in Edinburgh for New Years Eve!- This is in a lot of ‘Things you must do before you die’ lists, and last year I went! Fireworks over the castle are pretty spectacular!

12. Done a variety of outdoor activities- Abseiling, Zip lining, quad biking… the list goes on and on. Throughout various school trips I’ve had the opportunities to partake in many outdoor adventures.

13. Indulged in a record collection- A few years ago I became the proud owner of a super rare collection of Jimi Hendrix vinyl records. I’ve got some first pressings of some of his first albums.

14. Become relatively ‘well read’- A lot of people yearn to be ‘well read’. Well, as a Literature student I think I’m well on my way to becoming so. Most academic weeks I’ve been having to read 3 books!

15. Represented my town at a sport- I used to play for Rayleigh Tennis Club, and I competed against other towns in the county. My ‘career’ was short-lived, and my final match was a doubles one, in which we were white washed, and I took an almighty serve to the back of the head.

16. Left my home town- You could say this was the same as #6, moving out, but there’s a different between moving out and moving away. I’m not happy to live and die in the same place, but so many people are, and I can’t fathom that. Once I’ve finished university, I’ll move on again.

17. Developed my own political views- I don’t associate or align myself with any particular party. I’ve my own views and ideas, and no one party could possibly resonate with everything I believe. Until then, my vote will fluctuate between who comes closest.

18. Overcome hard times- Everyone has hard times in their life, it’s just part and parcel. But we all overcome them, and this is one we can definitely celebrate together!

19. Pitched a product to a representative from Innocent Smoothies and Covent Garden Soup- This was a big deal to 14 year old me, and it’s a memory I still look back on fondly!

20. Stepped into the unknown– Last year I flew from London to Eindhoven, and then got a train to Nijmegen, all on my own, for the first time ever. Without any mobile data, I managed to get all the way across the city to my hotel, and it’s probably the most anxious I’ve ever been, but also the biggest sense of pride once I’d managed it!

21. I’ve made and grown this very blog!- I’m super proud of this blog. It’s only small but it’s a chunk of me that otherwise would be cooped up and not expressed!

I think that’s enough about me for a while!! Thanks very much for reading! Please follow me for more!!





5 thoughts on “21 Things I’ve Accomplished Aged 21

  1. I think your biggest one here is #16. That’s huge. We are currently living in my husband’s home town– it’s wonderful to have a home. But there are some people here who have never left and are okay with that. IMO, it’s okay that they’re okay with it. Still, it does make me proud of my bravery, though I never thought of myself as brave. You should be proud of your bravery, too!

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    1. I feel like it’s a case of you don’t know what you’re missing out on if you never leave. Like you can be perfectly happy in one place forever but you’ll never know how happy you could’ve been elsewhere? Haha thanks I guess I am!


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