Embracing My Feminine Side

I’ve never been the manliest of men. I can hold a conversation about football because I love the sport, and I drink pints of lager like anyone, but there’s just something about me which isn’t manly. I wouldn’t say I’m girly either, but as far as heterosexual guys go, I’m not on the ultra-masculine end of the spectrum. This has never concerned me, and it still doesn’t, but the reason I write this post is because recently I’ve embraced my feminine side a little more. After all, public attitudes are clearly changing- It’s almost okay for men to cry now!!

Years ago it was almost unheard of for men to even wear hairspray, but thankfully times have changed and now its commonplace. Yesterday, I took the plunge and invested in my first piece of makeup. This is still pretty unheard of amongst men, except for celebrities, yet it’s a rapidly growing market which companies are only just tapping into. I only opted for a tinted moisturiser, something to make my face glow a little more and to soften my blemishes. Nothing revolutionary, or as extreme as concealer or foundation, but yet it feels like a big deal to me. And it really shouldn’t! As a male, why should I be ashamed to care about my appearance? I pluck my eyebrows when they overgrow, I do my hair most days with wax and hairspray, and now I’ll wear tinted moisturiser. Who cares?

I’ve also started accessorising with jewellery too. I guess chains have always been a symbol of wealth, and so pretty accepted amongst men, but I’ve taken it a little further and I’m currently wearing a bangle. Again, nothing crazy, but the more traditional men may raise eyebrows.

I guess what I’m trying to get at with this post is that it really shouldn’t matter. I’m by no means an extreme case of ’embracing my feminine side’ but I’m a bang average male, and I think many of us would feel like these small steps, which are hardly noticeable, are a little bit out there. I’m pretty sure none of my male friends have dabbled in makeup. I’m loving how people are changing, becoming more tolerant, and guys can take as much pride as girls in their appearance. I love a bit of fashion, and it’s becoming more and more okay, and even commended, for us guys to do this!

No part of me is saying guys have it harder than girls; I’m just passing comment at the gender roles which are slowly dying out- and I’m celebrating this for both genders!

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment if you’ve any views on the subject, and follow me for some more posts like this if you feel like it!


7 thoughts on “Embracing My Feminine Side

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