Moving Out Of Holland…

Life is flying past my eyes; every time I blink another week is gone. Nearly a year ago I ventured out to the Netherlands, all on my own, and moved into an empty room, in a strange city. As I write this it’s Monday, so I’ve just experienced my last weekend living in the room I decorated with memories. Naturally, I filled my final weekend immersed in the city, soaking up the same sights I’d taken for granted so many times previously, eating at my favourite restaurants, and wondering where the time has gone.



One thing at the top of my Nijmegen bucket list was one last Wally Burger. They’re sooooo tasty I miss them already *cry*. A caprese pizza from pizzabakker always goes down well too, a tasty finale, even if not especially Dutch.


I had to say goodbye to the nature reserve along the beach, and I was grateful to see some horses living it up too. It’s almost like they came to say bye. Awwww.



Every year Nijmegen hosts the 4 day marches, and the city is filled with stages for music, carnival rides, bars and loads more. Unfortunately I wasn’t there to see the march, but the party was in full flow, so I left the city with a bang.

I had a really great year, with some really memorable moments, and truthfully there’d be no blog without the experiences I’ve had throughout to inspire me. I’m sure in a couple of weeks when I’m feeling ultra nostalgic I’ll write a more emotional piece, but for now I’m happy to be home!

Thanks for reading! If you were expecting another Lisbon post I’m sorry! There’s more to come, but I’ve got a post or two planned for before then! Make sure you’re following me to keep up to date on that!


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