The Artiest Factory Ever! (Lisbon)

Just a minutes walk from our apartment was the LX Factory, categorised as an ‘Art Factory’. I’d never heard of such a thing before, but it turned out to be an entire old factory complex (cobbled streets and all) which is now heaps of shops, bars and restaurants, covered in unique and incredible art. Living so close to the place, our Lisbon trip consisted of a sizeable amount of time here, even passing through everyday to get to the train station.

This is a post where the pictures will do the talking, but I can’t emphasise enough how cool this place was.

IMG_4354The g i a n t bridge that towers over the factory makes for some flipping cool photos, and the bridge itself is a work of art. We always knew when walking home, that the bridge meant we were basically back.


The insanely cool building with the wasp on the wall was actually a hostel. I can only imagine the interior of it, because if the outside looks like that, they surely make an effort inside too!


The place is splashed with bold graffiti art, and this ‘until debt tear us apart’ quote was one I thought was particularly poignant- especially with the bridge behind it which was meant to have been paid off in 20 years, but yet there is still a toll to cross it. If one couldn’t afford to pay the toll, the debt of the bridge could quite literally tear a couple apart.


There’s something to marvel at everywhere you go, and you spot something new upon every visit.


Once we’d done exploring the place we headed to an outdoor bar, which had a really chilled out vibe, with lo-fi dance beats being played out, whilst everyone enjoyed a little beer or a cocktail. I really enjoyed this place, and it was affordably priced which always helps.


After this we went to this little archway with neon light shapes above it, and spent a good few minutes having a little photo-shoot here, before others started queuing to have their turn!


All in all, the place is well worth a visit if you’re visiting Lisbon. It’s a welcome change of pace and scenery from the city centre, whilst only being two stops away on the train. I’d go as far as saying it’s a must-see place, in fact.

Thanks for reading, sorry for soOoOo many photos, but this art is certainly the visual sort! Don’t forget to follow me to keep up to date with my Lisbon trip!



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