I’m Back From Lisbon!!

So obviously I’ve been absent for about five days now, a bloody long time considering I usually post daily, and the reason being was that I was in sunny Portugal- Lisbon to be precise. I went for the annual NOS Alive festival, this year headed by The XX, The Weeknd, Foo Fighters and Depeche Mode. However, due to the nature of festivals in hot countries, the fun takes place at night, leaving the daytime free to do whatever you wish, meaning we did lot’s of exploring, relaxing, drinking and eating! I plan to post a variety of in depth posts over the coming week or so, but for now I’m going to start simple.

I’ve spent the day resting after an exhausting trip (averaging 25,000 steps a day) ((And climbing 47 flights of stairs one day!!)), and also catching up on the laundry and shopping *bla bla bla boring boring boring*

SO! I thought I’d give a quick little apartment tour of our air bnb and that will be that for today! Without further ado….


This was the lounge- very comfy and cosy! We didn’t really use the room much because we didn’t come all that way to watch tv on the sofa! Also the room was quite dark because the apartment was right on the street and opening the shutters meant everyone walking by could peer in. No complaints though, it was very nice!


A nice kitchen, where we spent a bit more time than the living room! We cooked two banging full English breakfasts whilst we were here, and cooked two dinners too, to save money and also because it was rather nice to eat dinner in our little garden area, chilled, with a bottle of wine!


Super comfy beds, I never wanted to leave it! There was a bathroom attached on to the bedroom that I didn’t take photos of, and also a pretty swanky walk in closet. Obvs, we spent a lot of time here!


The garden was no bigger than a large balcony, but it was really nice. It was a suntrap in the morning, so we could eat breakfast in the warm, and was a bit more shaded by the evening heat. I’d brought a little bluetooth speaker with me, so we could enjoy some music and chill, which we did a fair bit of (when not in the city/ beach/ festival). In the second picture you can see some old silo type things, painted in bright colours. This was actually the LX Factory, and we were living literally a one minute walk away. This place was a m a z i n g and I’m going to dedicate tomorrows entire post to it, so stay tuned for that!!

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