A Tasty Tour Of Europe- Rome Special!

Italy is obviously world famous for it’s great food; I reckon you could find an Italian restaurant in most cities around the world! I’m going to run down some great things I ate on my previous trip to Rome!

Sweet Pepper and Sausage Pizza- REbasilico


They always say you need to venture out of the tourist-trap central areas of cities to get the best food, so my first pizza in Rome was near our hotel, far enough from the centre to get some authentic Italian food. The restaurant was full of Italians which was a good sign straight away, and the pizza was delicious. Nothing else I ate in Rome lived up to it! The decor was simple and cosy, with few tables and the pizza oven in full view of everyone so the freshness of the pizza was on display!

Proscuitto, mozzarella and rocket sandwich- Pane e Salame

When I was in Rome this place was the number 1 rated place on Trip Advisor, which is super impressive when you consider there are about 10,000 eateries reviewed in the city! It’s now 4th, still incredible! This was the cosiest little place, with very few tables and queues to get in. The sandwiches were super delicious- the meat was freshly sliced rather than pre-prepared, but the most impressive thing was the price. If I remember correctly the sandwiches weren’t even five euros! I highly recommend this place!

Lasagne and Carbonara


I can’t for the life of me remember the name of this place, nor the location, so I can’t suss it out… But I remember we spent ages researching and reading reviews before settling on here for our pasta fix, and it paid off. The lasagne was delicious, a really great tasting sauce and heaps of cheese. The waiter was really friendly in this restaurant too, which was a welcome surprise in Rome!

Mushroom and Sausage Pizza


Again, I can’t remember the restaurant, but this was in one of the squares, by a fountain (helpful and informative, right?). The food wasn’t incredible here, and it was in the sort of tourist trap we’d hoped to avoid. But this night we opted for the view over the quality of the food. It was a nice experience and decent enough!

I won’t share any more, because no-one wants to see my McDonalds (Nutella burgers though!!!) Thanks for reading, and please feel free to follow and check out my social media!!


10 thoughts on “A Tasty Tour Of Europe- Rome Special!

  1. My stepson spent 9 months in Italy with the Marine Corps. I asked him to bring me back some freshly prepared pasta and pizza…haha. The food looks amazing and I would have to take in the art museums in Rome if I went.

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    1. aw haha, I’d say it’s not too expensive food wise, Rome anyway, but there’s flipping loads of things I’m sure you’d want to visit which do charge entry.. might be more affordable than you think though!!

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