June Favourites

Is this post one day late? It’s no longer June but I can’t call this July favourites because I bought these things in June? Ah LIFE. Anyway, here’s a few things I’ve been loving last month!

Printed Photos


I’ve owned a record player for a couple of years now, and even before then I’ve always valued owning music physically. But only recently have I felt the same about photographs. I’ve got about 1500 pictures on my phone and it’s way too many, so I’m starting to go through and get them printed. Hopefully I’ll end up with a pretty big and happy collection. I’ve printed nearly 100 so far. There’s this app called freeprints which gives you 45 free prints a month which is sick. If you use my code –  jsaul9   – we both get an extra 5, so feel free (please) (I want prints!!)



I managed to get these three accessories in the ASOS sale and altogether they came to under £20 which is just perfect. I’m w e l l into caps at the moment, flipping loving not having to do my hair every time I go out! The colour of this one is perfect too for most outfits I wear. ( I wear a lot of black, white and denim.) I’ve been after some sunglasses with clear frames for a while now, and these popped up on ASOS for a tenner. I couldn’t resist. They’re a nice shape and look pretty damn good if I do say so myself.


I’ve never really been a jewellery guy, but I’m always open to trying something new, so I bought this bangle made by Chained and Able. It’s really grown on me (after I had to literally pull it open to fit it on!) and I barely take it off now! A bit of accessorising really improves an outfit, and I’m now way more up for trying different bits and pieces- maybe a little necklace next, or a ring?


I already wrote a What I’m Listening To this month, so I won’t repeat any of those. But, since then I’ve been to a Paramore concert, where an LA band called Bleached were supporting. Although they weren’t incredible, they have one song which really stuck with me, called Can You Deal? It’s a massive tune and if they wrote a few more songs like that they’d be a real band to be reckoned with.

Another new song I’ve been loving is Golden Dandelions by Barns Courtney. I’ve done no research and I don’t know if this is a solo act or a band, but the song flippin rocks. Proper indie rock, good guitars and even better vocals. Love it.

One more song, a bit of an odd one, is Heart Attack by scarlxrd. He’s getting a huge online following, and I think he’s bigger on social media than he is on Spotify and YouTube which is kinda odd. The song is like angry, angsty, screamy rap, but in the best way possible, cos I appreciate that doesn’t sound great. It’s unique and fresh, and I know it won’t be to everyone’s taste but I’m enjoying it a lot.

That’s it for this months favourites! I haven’t really bought much because I’m saving my pennies towards my trip to Lisbon on Wednesday! Stay tuned for that, maybe follow me if you’re feeling generous!

Thanks for reading!



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