The Dutch are Beautiful and Romantic and Happy

People in Holland generally don't work super long hours and there are loads of public holidays. Life is a hell of a lot slower paced- you'll never be rushed out of your table at a cafe or restaurant. Everyone cycles everywhere! Fresh air and exercise on your daily commute sets the day up a lot … Continue reading The Dutch are Beautiful and Romantic and Happy

My First Attempts at Photoshop

To improve the quality of my blog posts I think it's about time I start actually editing my photos thoroughly, to make them as good as they can be, rather than a quick automated process I currently use. I had a little play around with Photoshop tonight, and I'm not going to pretend what I've … Continue reading My First Attempts at Photoshop

Get To Know Me- A Short Autobiography…

I've written 20 facts about me before, but I don't think that goes into much detail, and I've also posted My Life In Instagrams, but that was starting aged 18! So! I'm gonna whizz through a short story of my life so far, and hopefully it's not too dull! Get to know me! Right! So I was born … Continue reading Get To Know Me- A Short Autobiography…

Introducing…My YouTube Channel!

Yes, that's right! I've got a YouTube channel! Don't go expecting standard vlogs and your usual youtube challenges. Nor will I be uploading clothing hauls, or any other sort of post you might expect on this actual blog in written form.. Instead I plan to make some arty little videos in random places I visit. … Continue reading Introducing…My YouTube Channel!

Beers In An Old Factory By The River!

Along the river Waal, in the oldest city of the Netherlands- Nijmegen, sits a big old factory, called the Honig Complex. I have no idea what it used to make, but it's now been converted into loads of bars, coffee shops, escape rooms etc etc. There's a bit of everything there and it's great! The … Continue reading Beers In An Old Factory By The River!