Re-branding My Blog??

So I’ve been thinking long and hard, and basically my name really isn’t that catchy or memorable.. Jarrad Saul.. Also the spelling of Jarrad isn’t the regular one (jared) so I’m considering a re-brand, if that’s what you’d call it.. Here, I’m going to run through some new potential names- I’ve stuck to blog names revolving around myself because obviously the blog is all about me!

ReadySaulted– So in England the most classic, standard flavour of crisps is ready salted… There’s no real meaning behind having my blog named this, but I think it’s a pretty good little pun.

SaulOrNothing- Another pun, but I’m not sure it sounds very bloggy.. Maybe a bit too serious as well?

SaulAboutMe- I guess this one works the best because that is what my blog is… It sounds a bit pretentious though maybe? A bit up myself? I’m not sure…

That’s all I can think of for now… my other idea is to just drop my surname and go simply by Jarrad

I guess we will all find out in due course what I decide on doing! Until then, thanks for reading and please leave a cheeky little follow and maybe check out my social medias!


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