If I Were A Girl…

Maybe a bit of an odd post this one? I was looking through my wardrobe earlier thinking ‘I’m so glad I’m male- throwing on jeans a t-shirt is so simple. Girls have to go through so much more effort to put an outfit together.’ I think I have a basic idea of female fashion, but then again maybe not.. So I decided to set myself a challenge of finding two outfits on female clothes sites that I think I’d wear if I was a girl. So they’ll suit my style… Here’s how it went. Let me know how you think I did?

Outfit 1




This tshirt from monki is super cool, like I’d almost wear it myself. And it’s only £8!? Why doesn’t monki have a men’s range!! I struggled to find some cool women’s trousers, but settled on these. Can’t go wrong with black against the grey t-shirt! Then the trainers which are actually flipping sick. They’re new from adidas, and they give the monochrome outfit a pop of colour! Plus the trousers show a bit of ankle which definitely draws the attention to these bad boys.

Outfit 2




Again, another great tee from monki. I’ve been instore a few times and I’m always impressed by their t-shirts. I opted for a skirt here because if I’m dressing as a girl, even hypothetically, I want to try something new. It looks good, I don’t really know what else I can say about it (!?) As for the white converse… you just can’t go wrong really can you! The Commes des Garcons collab with converse are unisex, and I’ve been eyeing up a pair for myself for ages now. They’re just a bit more pricey than usual converse (more like double the usual cost) so I’ve not made the plunge yet… but I’m sure I will. They’re really nice and surely go with most outfits.

Well.. that was my attempt at choosing a couple of female outfits. I think I did okay? Let me know in the comments! (It’s okay to say I was absolutely shite)

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “If I Were A Girl…

  1. You went pretty safe with tee shirts and sneakers with the outfits. I don’t think you were shite, but a girl would be wearing those clothes as you would a tee and sweats — to be comfy. The skirt is cool, though, and every piece you chose was very fun.

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