Getting A Little Better At Photoshop…

Five days ago I downloaded photoshop, instantly edited a few photos and whacked them up on here. Ever since I’ve been tinkering away, trying out new bits and bobs, and I think I’ve improved a bit! Here’s a few little pieces!

From this…DSC_0016.JPG



I think this is the photo I’m proudest of! It took me quite a while and I think it looks pretty good! (if I do say so myself!)

I also tried making a photo look a bit polaroid-esque…

Polaroid edit.jpg

Well I realise now that adding a white border to a photo does absolutely nothing against a white background- that’s embarrassing. But I played around with the colours a lot to try and give it that polaroid-y feel.


These two I’ve made the colour pop a little more and added in a little blur to make them a bit more interesting.


Similar to the first one, I’ve picked out the colours coming through the window in this one. I want to try it again, but next time just picking out the colours of the train!

Thanks for reading! Just a quick little update!


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