30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

I guess this is just a slightly less morbid bucket list? I'd love to tick all 30 things off in the next 9 years (8 and a half really *scary*!) but hey, there's no rush aye?!

1.Own an original art piece-  One day I'd love to buy something done by Kaws.

2.Write a novel- I've plenty of ideas- just need to commit myself!

3. Go to Glastonbury Festival.

4. Live In Stockholm- (For at least a month or so.)

5. Visit my Australian family.

6.Take a photography course- I'd love to have some lessons and see what I can produce.

7. See the Northern Lights.

8. Rejoin a tennis club.

9. Go on a surfing holiday- nowhere fancy, I'd be happy with Cornwall.

10. Go on a solo travel- I've heard countless times it's a must-do thing!

11. Drive abroad- On the other side of the road!

12. Get a piercing- Just an ear piercing to say I've done it.

13. Buy a tuxedo and wear it to an event.

14. Go on a U.K. road trip.

15. Take a painting class.

16. Brew my own beer.

17. Get a 35mm film camera and use it!!

18. Take my parents on holiday– They've paid a shit tonne towards my time at university and I think it would be nice if once I've got a steady job, I could take them on a holiday as a thanks!

19. Get a pet guinea pig– I'd name it Ishmael.

20. Grow some vegetables successfully– I'm currently growing tomatoes but I'll have to neglect them when I go to Lisbon *sad*

21. Go to an American music festival.

22. Take a hot air balloon ride.

23. Be financially stable- adulthood starts at 30!!

24. Learn to play the piano.

25. Visit my friend in Portland, Oregon.

26. Go to a food festival- Well up for walking round dozens of food trucks!

27. Travel to Munich for Oktoberfest.

28.  Learn to snowboard.

29. Man up and learn to swallow tablets!!!

30. Attend a Champion's League football final.

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25 thoughts on “30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

  1. Re: 29. When I was little my mother gave me little vitamin pills that I /could not swallow/. They were tiny, but it was just impossible– gag reflex was too strong, which is a feature, not a bug, and serves you well; never be ashamed of that. I pretended to take the vitamin, to please her, but really just hid it in my cheek until I could sneak somewhere and dispose of it. Most of them were dropped inside the piano. Years later, long after I’d grown up and moved out, Ma’s gas water heater failed and burned the house down and the piano with it, so I got clean away with my pill waste crime and none the wiser.

    Here’s a trick that works: put the pill in your mouth. Put a good slug of water in your mouth. Feel around with your tongue until you’re sure the pill is in the middle and not someplace it’ll get stuck. Shake your head sharply like a crane swallowing a fish and swallow the whole thing. Done!

    I can’t help with any of the other stuff, not having any family in Australia, for example. And piercing is just disgusting no matter where you do it. I mean, why? Don’t do that. Stockholm sounds nice. And the balloon trip. Good luck, and go for those!

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  2. I always love to see people who are fired up and enthusiastic about life, who have goals and dreams. You go for it, Jarrad! You might find some of your goals changing or evolving with time, but that’s okay, too! I am much older than you are, but I still have lots of goals. There is no life without hope, and our goals and dreams give us hope. Too many people, as they get older, stop dreaming, but I say, if that happens to me, then just shoot me! Lol.

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  3. Definitely go for 10! It was the best decision of my life πŸ˜‰ Sharing 6 and 7 with you, for 6 I did find decent photography MOOCs but never had time to start!

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      1. Definitely, time is always an issue haha. But I progressively realised that solo travelling is not necessarily about backpacking 6 months, 1 year, you can do that over the weekend and have a great time, meet awesome people; what counts is your mindset! you just have to be in the mood quickly πŸ˜‰

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