The Dutch are Beautiful and Romantic and Happy

People in Holland generally don’t work super long hours and there are loads of public holidays. Life is a hell of a lot slower paced- you’ll never be rushed out of your table at a cafe or restaurant. Everyone cycles everywhere! Fresh air and exercise on your daily commute sets the day up a lot better than a cramped, sweaty train. There’s a massive social coffee and beer culture. Every single event ends in getting drinks.

The Dutch are happy.

In England if you kiss in a public place you’ll get jeers of ‘Get a room!’. In Holland it’s just what you do. Public displays of affection are fully embraced and you see it everywhere. As an English person I found it weird at first but now I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

The Dutch are romantic. 

A night out in the Netherlands doesn’t require endless hours of getting ready. Girls and guys alike go out in jeans and hoodies and this is totally fine. Girls aren’t caked in makeup, and lots don’t wear any. (If you wanna wear loads of makeup though- you do you!!) Appearance isn’t everything in Holland.

The Dutch are beautiful. 

—————————————————————————————————————————————–My year abroad in the Netherlands is coming to an end, and already I’m looking back fondly. This kind of love letter to the Dutch is probably the first of many ramblings, so sorry about that (sorry not sorry)

P.S. I’ve been working hard at the photoshop stuff!



Thanks for reading!



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