Get To Know Me- A Short Autobiography…

I’ve written 20 facts about me before, but I don’t think that goes into much detail, and I’ve also posted My Life In Instagrams, but that was starting aged 18! So! I’m gonna whizz through a short story of my life so far, and hopefully it’s not too dull! Get to know me!

Right! So I was born in Enfield, which is in North London near Tottenham. I was born in a hospital, so nothing fun and exciting there. I lived in two houses by the time I was two, as my parents moved to Goff’s Oak, which is in Hertfordshire, where I now go to university… *BREATHE*

Still when I was two, we moved to Rayleigh in Essex, which is where my family home has been ever since. My sister came along soon after! She caused the first major drama of my childhood- MOVING PRIMARY SCHOOLS!! (shock, horror, hard times)


It actually wasn’t too fun changing primary schools. Basically we didn’t live in the right area to guarantee entry to the school I was at, so my sister didn’t get in, even though I already went there. My mum couldn’t do two school runs and pick us both us from different locations so I had to move (sad). I was a p a i n f u l l y shy child, and this was literally the most scary thing I’d ever had to do, especially as I moved mid year rather than starting at the beginning of one. What got me through, however, was the promise of new gameboy games (I got Star Wars and Disney’s Atlantis).


I actually loved the new school and made way more friends there than I did at my first. I liked these friends so much so that I dropped out of the 11+ exams (plus it was terrifying) which are for entry to a grammar secondary school, and instead went to the same secondary as everyone else. I used to have 11+ training during my lunch times from my head teacher, and extra tutoring we’d pay for after schools, so it was a relief to drop out!

I have no regrets, because I went to secondary school and took up tennis at Rayleigh Lawn Tennis Club, where I got pretty good and represented the club/town at a few tournaments, even though I never won any (v sad). I had a pretty large group of friends at school, and I used to skateboard every single damn day, so I met loads of people through that, and would go all over Essex to different skateparks. I honestly loved it so much, and I do miss skating- they’re probably my happiest teenage memories!


What I didn’t love was funding my skating through multiple paper rounds, which I did all the way up to aged 17. I got a job at a cafe at 19 and then did some part time extras in movies, which I’ll talk about in it’s own post sometime maybe?

I got a brace when I was 13 and had it for most of school so I never had to play rugby, which suited me just fine! I stopped wearing my retainer soon after I got it off and my bottom teeth have since paid for it.


As school came to an end, prom approached. I didn’t really want to go but went anyway. It kind of sucked. That’s enough of that, because after prom was my first ever music festival! V Festival (wouldn’t touch it with a flagpole now) was headlined by the Stone Roses and The Killers, and I had the best time. So much so that I went again the next year (Beyonce and Kings of Leon) and then to Reading two years running after that, then to an abroad festival. So basically festivals have become a huge part of my summers, and I do think if I hadn’t have enjoyed V so much that first time, maybe I’d have been put off! So- V Fest = beginning of good things!


In my 21 years on this planet I’ve lost all my grandparents, plus an aunt, and I think I’ve probably been to more funerals than some people my age. I think it’s important to include this in my little autobiography, because obviously they were major events in my life, and I suppose they’ve shaped me as a person.

I went to a college after secondary school, even though my school tried pushing me to go to a sixth form countless times. Honestly I was lazy, and skateboarding was my number one priority always, so my school work was affected and I could’ve done a load better if I committed myself. College was an easy option- I was guaranteed to get in and I knew I could do okay in my GCSE’s without revising- (I got 6 As and 5 Bs without, so I could’ve done pretty well if I revised.) But I have no regrets on that front.

In fact, my English teacher at secondary school rang home telling my Mum I was going to fail English (despite being top set). I went on to get an A in English Language and an A in English Literature, then did Literature at college and now at university, so really what did that teacher know? One day I’ll get a book published and I’ll dedicate it to her out of spite. In my first year of Uni I actually got a short story published in a literary journal, and then won an award for it, so…


So yeah, college I studied Literature, History and Philosophy, the latter of which I frickin loved but I didn’t really see the point in doing a degree in it. Maybe I regret that, I’m not sure…

I then went to Uni,and from this point I’ve covered the major parts before, as I said at the beginning!

I hope this wasn’t too boring, and if you made it this far, thanks for sticking around!



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