Beers In An Old Factory By The River!

Along the river Waal, in the oldest city of the Netherlands- Nijmegen, sits a big old factory, called the Honig Complex. I have no idea what it used to make, but it’s now been converted into loads of bars, coffee shops, escape rooms etc etc. There’s a bit of everything there and it’s great!


The weather is absolutely stunning at the moment, 30 degrees plus, so yesterday I went to the Honig and enjoyed a few beers sitting on top of an old shipping container- how cool is that!


As you can see, its decorated really nicely, with some shade too, which is essential when it’s so hot! And the location is unlike anything else, elevated on the container, next to two old mini silo type things.


The factory building itself still very much looks like a factory, except for the signs of the bars and cafes along it. It’s pretty cool and unique how it hasn’t had a major redevelopment, just a re-purposing. The views from the container are pretty good, of the Waal river too.


It’s really affordably priced too, which you kind of don’t expect for such a great location- beers are only 2.50!



(We swapped seats when the sun moved if you’re wondering why Emily seems to have a twin, one in each seat.)


Another favourite part of the Honig complex is the micro brewery, which makes a load of their own craft beers. I’ve not tried nearly enough, but the few I have have been delicious! These aren’t so cheap, but they’re well worth splashing out on!


It’s a really great place, and if you’re ever in Nijmegen or close by, I highly recommend paying it a visit! The interiors of the cafes are also super cool, maybe I’ll head back for some photos inside if the weather gets a bit crap!

Until then, thanks for reading!


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