A Tasty Tour Of Europe- Part 2

I still have loads of great foods to share, so here is part 2 of my post from the other day!

4. Trdelnik- Choco Story, Prague, Czech RepublicIMG_0858

These doughy cones are available literally everywhere in Prague, but the best one was to be found at the famous chocolate shop. This was because inside is stuffed with a choice of two flavours of chocolate ice cream which were so tasty, and way better than the average ice cream you’d get elsewhere. The shop itself was well worth a visit for the endless chocolate products on sale, but the cafe section was where it came into its own. You can’t go to Prague without having at least one of these- it’s basically the law!

5. Chickpeas, Parsley, Pepper and Herbs Vegan Burger- Krowarzywa Vegan Burger, Krawkow, PolandIMG_1057

I went to Krakow with a coeliac, so finding food was pretty tricky, but this vegan burger place offered gluten free buns and burgers, so we ate here twice! I’m not massively into vegan food- I love meat! But this burger was delicious! I chose a spicy tomato sauce which was great, and it was really substantial which I didn’t expect. Most impressively, with the exchange rate factored in, this burger only costs about three pounds!!! Way more healthy and fresh than a mcdonalds and even cheaper! Really impressive and worth writing about!—- krowarzywa.pl/en  — worth checking out for any gluten intolerants or vegans visiting Krakow!

6. Gluhwein- Christmas Market, Maastricht, NetherlandsIMG_1371

It isn’t Christmas in The Netherlands until you’ve had a mug of Gluhwein. It’s basically like mulled wine back home, but with different spices. It’s kind of sweeter, like hot ribena meets red wine. Impressively, the wine cost 1 euro with a 3 euro deposit for the mug, or you could keep the mug as a souvenir which I did! It’s a great Christmas memento! I have fond memories of keeping warm sipping this, watching people on the ice rink, and then going up on the ferris wheel absolutely freezing! I think gluhwein will forever remind me of the magic Maastricht market!

7. Pesto and Mozzarella Beef Burger- Meneer Smakers, Utrecht, NetherlandsIMG_0320

I enjoyed this burger in the summer sun which made the experience all the more delightful, and I was so impressed I’ve been back since. The burger bar is very central, well located along the canal, so sitting outside is great for people watching and enjoying the views of the water. The people who work here are super friendly, and it’s very reasonably priced for what it is. I love pesto so I was always going to order this burger, and I have no regrets. One of the best places to eat in Utrecht in my opinion, and I’ve tried a fair few places!

Thanks for reading! I’ll do a part 3 somewhere down the line when I’ve taken more photos of great food!



9 thoughts on “A Tasty Tour Of Europe- Part 2

      1. I once had a pizza in Lisbon that was covered in thick slices of bacon, like a basket weave. I don’t remember a lot of the pizzas I’ve eaten, but I remember this one vividly!


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