A Tasty Tour Of Europe

The Netherlands isn’t famous for its food, so when I return from trips to other countries I pine for the delicious meals I’ve had, and so I thought I’d put together a collection of some of my favourite meals. There’s most likely going to be a part 2 for this one!

  1. Syrian Street Pizza- De Kaaj, Nijmegen, Netherlands


Now, I know I just said that food from The Netherlands wasn’t great, but this pizza was sold at a food festival, on the beach, in the style of Syrian street food pizza. It was absolutely delicious and only 5 euros. I have the fondest memories of sitting in the sun, with the noise of a live band playing under the bridge, enjoying this pizza. It has a unique base, quite crispy, and a rich sauce full of different spices. And then to finish it, it had a slightly sweet drizzle of some sort of aniseed-y sauce. I can’t wait for the food festival to start up again this summer so I can taste this again!

2. Chocolate and Strawberry Waffle- Brussels, BelgiumIMG_0715

I don’t remember the exact shop from where this was bought, but they’re available everywhere in Brussels and I’m sure they’re all just as good. The chocolate is BELGIAN and the waffle is BELGIAN, so obviously it’s the perfect combination. You see it cooked freshly in front of you and it’s the perfect breakfast/snack/lunch! Luxuriously yummy.

3. Meat Pierogi- Noworolski, Krakow, PolandIMG_1120

Pierogi is traditional to Poland, and is a type of dumpling, filled with meat of potatoes and cheese. I opted for meat, yet I’m not sure which type it was! It doesn’t look too appetising, I’m aware, but it tastes so good! The caramelised onions on top really complimented the rich meaty dumplings and it was great to get a true taste of Poland. Plus the restaurant was slap bang in the middle of Krakow, actually built into the market street that runs through the centre of the square.

I think this is enough food writing for one day, but I still have plenty more photos and tales to show and tell, so expect a part 2 pretty soon!

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “A Tasty Tour Of Europe

  1. It’s amazing how food ties us to certain locations. I remember eating melted pecorino cheese with drizzled honey in Italy last year, right under an old covered church terrace. I can totally relate to the feeling of transportation.

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