Street Art and Neat Architecture In Eindhoven

Eindhoven is probably the second best city in the Netherlands for modern architecture, after Rotterdam, of course. The bus from the central station to the airport guides you round the cities very best, including a museum that looks like a UFO, and miniature versions of London’s Gherkin. Sadly, this time I wasn’t in Eindhoven for the airport, but instead to say goodbye to my friend Dan, who’d stayed with me in Nijmegen for the past few days. But before he left, we decided on spending the day exploring the city he’d later be leaving from.


It’s not the most beautiful of cities, but it has small little obscurities thrown in here and there which make it a perfectly interesting place to visit. Architecture wise, like I previously wrote, there are these modern glass buildings dotted around which are pretty cool, and actually are just shops!


To balance the modern feel of the city, there’s a great looming cathedral in the middle of a square, which you can see from all over the centre. We wandered around for a while and it wasn’t hard to stumble across this big old boy. (It was too big to fit in one photo, but honestly it isn’t that attractive so you’re not missing anything.)


One thing that I’ve really come to enjoy in Holland is street art. I’ve always appreciated it, but now I’ll actually stop and take it in, and maybe take a photo. There wasn’t an abundance of it here, but one street in particular, which looked very much like a big road of nightlife, housed a couple of bits.


We didn’t do a great deal in the city, except for walking round and taking in the sights, so I can’t report on super fun things to do here.. In fact, Trip Advisor had a structure of some bowling pins as one of the top ten things to visit, and whilst they were quite impressive, they left a little to be desired as a major attraction!


Walking around is a l w a y s thirsty work, but I wasn’t feeling a beer this time, much to the disappointment of Dan. Instead I was craving a beverage of the beany type and that bean needed to be coffee. There was a whole street of really nice looking, quirky and quaint coffee shops, including one which made everything out of oatmeal, one which would give you an eye test and serve you coffee whilst you waited, and one which we settled on- a rather more standard affair – brood2day. We weren’t in the mood for oatmeal.. (am I ever?)


I got my coffee fix in the shape of a cappuccino, and, Dan being Dan, he had a Fanta… All these delicious options and he had Fanta.. (Jesus didn’t die for this). The food looked really good in here, but we’d already eaten and so this was purely a liquids kind of visit. The cappuccino was good, though not presented super well.. We may not have made the best choice as when we left I saw a super fun looking juice bar next door, but I enjoyed my coffee none the less!

We wandered round a little more, with no real aim but to kill time. And then it was time for the emotional goodbye. I stayed with Dan whilst he bought his bus ticket to the airport, and then said our farewells as he departed towards the airport. *sad*


Thanks Dan for visiting, and for a great long weekend! Check him out here if you wish!

And thank you for reading! Please follow for more posts daily!





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