My Friend Came To Visit Nijmegen!

I very often walk around Nijmegen, but I much more rarely give a tour, so I had to rack my brains on where to go and what to see, for a first fleeting glance at the city. My friend, Dan, has just come to visit, so I met him at the train station and took him to location one, which was centred around one thing- beer! We had two at a rather large bar in town called Van Buren, before heading back to mine for him to drop off his stuff.

Then the actual tour began.. IMG_3851IMG_3852

We walked across one of the many bridges to get a cityscape kind of view, and then went along to the beach, which on one side is also a nature reserve in Nijmegen.. A quick visit to two of the parks, and a walk down the oldest street in the country left us feeling, more than anything, thirsty.

So, again- it was time for some drinks! This time, I thought we’d go a little more classy, and opt for cocktails instead, so I took Dan to the best cocktail bar in the city (in my opinion of course)- DeMain. Every Wednesday they have a selection of 5 euro cocktails- perfect.


We both had a gin and tonic (arguably not a cocktail but shh) and then Dan had a mojito and I opted for a cherry and almond coke concoction which was very nice.

Every Wednesday in Nijmegen the bar called Dollars has an open mic night, which is usually a pretty small affair, but this time the place was pretty packed and the stage at the back was in use rather than the tiny platform at front. We got a round of beers in and Dan promptly spilt his all over the back of a guy who wasn’t best pleased.



This photo is blurred like Dan’s vision after the few beers x

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for much more exciting blog posts including visits to Germany and Amsterdam!



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