3 Things I Want To Achieve Before The End Of The Year

It’s June now meaning half the year is gone, and boy has it flown by. But this also means we still have half the year left, and I’ve got a few goals I’m aiming for, before we hit 2018.


  1. A small amount of success for my blog– I’m aiming to hit 100 followers by the new year.. I’m on around 50 now, so I think it’s a goal that hopefully will be achievable, if I keep up the hard work I’m putting in now! I also want to make my blog self hosted, and I’m aiming for the big makeover to happen sometime around July/August. I can’t wait to have a proper domain and a better layout for my blog, and this is soon to come!
  2. A new part-time job alongside my studies– Before I came to the Netherlands I quit my job working for the Royal Horticultural Society, at Hyde Halls as a customer services assistant in the cafe. It was a pretty perfect job for me, as the zero hours contract meant I could be really flexible with my shifts over summer and I got a lot of free cake! I’m definitely planning to get a new job when I get home, because I really don’t like not having money, and I should have a fair bit of free time next year. I’m not going to be fussy with my applications, so hopefully I should get something!
  3. Saving for an end-of-uni trip- Once I’ve finished university I’m planning on going somewhere like New York or Toronto, and obviously this needs to be booked in advance. So hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have enough money saved to make this a reality! It’s going to require my second goal of a part time job to actually happen for this one to happen, but I have confidence!

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “3 Things I Want To Achieve Before The End Of The Year

  1. Thank you for following my blog. Those are some good ambitions to have for the end of the year. It took me two years to move to self-hosting but it isn’t definitely worth it to have your own domain name!

    Also have been to Toronto and New York both great cities to go to on the East Coast 🙂

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