5 Things I Love About Stockholm

Some may say I haven’t spent enough time in the city to write a post such as this, but five days was easily enough time to find five things I loved!

  1. The subway stations are works of art!


(This is the only picture in this post that I don’t own.. Credits for this photo go to http://www.theculturemap.com)

Every single subway station is uniquely ‘decorated’. I put decorated in quotations because it’s more than a lick of paint- they are carefully curated art pieces! It’s incredible! Each stop is full of character and unique, and it makes you want to get off the train to have a look every few minutes.. I only saw about four stations during my visit, but I passed through many more, so I got a quick glimpse at lots of the really cool stations!

2. The hipster district!


I’ve done a whole post on the district of Sodermalm (which you can read here (https://jarradsaul.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/acting-hipster-in-sodermalm/ )). Probably my favourite thing to drink- coffee, is in absolute abundance here. You’re truly spoilt for choice and all the places are quirky, kind of hipster, and really cool. There’s also the vintage clothing, the interior homeware, and record stores. Something alternative for everyone!

3. The water everywhere..


The city is split over lots of little islands, and the water that divides them is a lot more weighty than the mere Thames, as an example. I don’t know what is about water, but it creates a really calm, chilled ambience, and I really like it. Eating an ice-cream, overlooking the view- nothings better!

4. The effortlessly cool feel about the place..


This is a hard one to put into words, but I’ll try anyway. I’m also going to talk about the city as if it’s a person, but believe me, I know it isn’t… The city doesn’t feel like it’s trying hard to be cool, it just comes naturally.. Maybe it’s the Scandinavian people who live in it, as they are famously known for being fashionable. If you walk through Shoreditch in London you see places trying to keep up with the trends, trying to stay relevant,(hello facebook viral pop up shop selling avocado/cheese/some other flavour of the month) but Stockholm doesn’t feel like this. It just is cool.

5. It’s very student friendly!


Nearly everywhere offered student discount which was a massive help financially! The museums all gave a good 2-3 pound discount, and we got something massive like a 9 pound saving on our vegetarian buffet meal, all because of those magic little student cards! It really helps to make what can be an expensive city, rather affordable!

Thanks for reading! I reckon that will be my last Stockholm related post until I inevitably return! Don’t forget to give me a follow!


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