The Netherlands Has SO Many Parks!

I swear to god, this country flipping loves parks. I’ve never seen so many- ever. I’m not just talking a kids playground, though there is one basically every 3 roads! There are full on fields with lakes and picnic benches and all sorts, everywhere!

In the city I’m living in (Nijmegen) I’ve been to at least 5 or 6 parks. It’s not a big city by any standard, and there’s still soOoOo many parks I’ve not been to!

I think it’s really nice that they put such value on green open space here.. I’ll definitely miss it when I’m home! If variety is the spice of life, then the selection of parks you can visit here to chill out in are keeping your life very very spicy. Hot hot.


This park is the one I go to the most.. It’s perfectly located as halfway point when I go for a leisurely cycle, and I can stop off and hang out with my duck friends. It’s pretty overgrown but this adds to the charm, it’s like you’re in a nature reserve!


This park is literally two minutes from my flat. I walk through it every single day, and sometimes, when it’s sunny, I stop and enjoy it.


This is the park I recently posted about a picnic in! It’s way way more than just a park though! It has a man built beach, where you can partake in water sports and activities which is really cool.. It also has the classic park vibe too!

The big two parks in Nijmegen are Kronenberg park and Goffertpark.. Goffertpark holds the local football teams stadium, who were sadly relegated at the end of this football season.. awww. There’s so many places to chill, its no wonder the Dutch are so chilled out themselves!

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