I Went Vegetarian For A Week!!

Vegetarianism is taking over the world, right? It seems like it’s never been so popular, and there’s absolutely nothing negative about that- I can appreciate all the environmental damages of the meat industry and yes, I’ve seen Cowspiracy… I thought I’d go vegetarian for a week, mainly to see if I could actually do it!

I love cooking, and make the effort nearly every day. I’ve moved away from sauces from jars, opting to make everything from scratch, and my cooking skills have got a lot better for it. So, I thought this week would be a fun challenge to see how well I could keep a meat-free menu interesting. However, I ended up eating loads of the same thing- *Here’s looking at you, avocado toast…*


I didn’t photograph every meal, because I did repeat meals, or I just forgot to take a pic, but here’s a bit of what I ate..


Vege Chilli with sweet potato… This was pretty good and all the beans in the chilli definitely made up for the meat.


Gnocchi, pan fried with garlic and butter… I know this isn’t particularly healthy but it’s proper stodgy comfort food. I’d eat this usually anyway, and it’s never going to involve meat, so an easy vege meal.


Spag Bol, with quorn mince… This was my only experience with Quorn during the week, and it was alright, but I could definitely notice the difference. Also, I always usually make spag bol with beef stock, and vegetable stock did make it taste quite dramatically different.

It was a pretty easy week to be honest. But I’m glad it was just a week. I couldn’t imagine going for the rest of my life without meat! Beans are filling and substantial but they get boring and they don’t hit the spot in quite the same way! I think maybe I’ll stick to a couple of days a week meat-free, and I’m sure it must be good for me. I saw recently that processed meats have been labelled as carcinogenic as smoking, so maybe these are what I’ll whittle out my diet.

As easy as I say it was, I must confess to my first meal after the week…



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