5 Things Holding My Blog Back

I am really loving blogging at the moment! I've posted everyday since about the 3rd of May, and some days I've even posted twice- I'm constantly inspired and I spend my days out taking photos and preparing to write in the evenings. BUT, there are some things holding my blog back, which I'm going to … Continue reading 5 Things Holding My Blog Back

A Social Commentary 2

When did it become so fashionable to be so self-deprecating? Everyone is so negative! I constantly hear 'ooo I'll never afford a house';' ooo I see myself as a lonely spinster with cats'; 'ooo I'll never earn what my parents do'. Where is the positivity? It's become a trend to become negative and it really … Continue reading A Social Commentary 2

Modern Art In The Fotografiska!(Horsin’ Around)

The Fotografiska is an art gallery in Sodermalm which specialises in Modern Photography, and we were lucky enough to visit for the opening of a new exhibition all about horses. Now, I couldn't care less about horses. They're big scary animals as far as I'm concerned and I don't see a 'beauty' in them. But … Continue reading Modern Art In The Fotografiska!(Horsin’ Around)

Chilling With The Animals at Skansen!

The final full day of my Stockholm trip blessed up with 26 degree sun, which is surely pretty rare for Sweden! It was an absolute scorcher, so obviously we wanted to spend it outdoors. We'd planned on going to a World Heritage Site which was a cemetery, but it was a good hour and a … Continue reading Chilling With The Animals at Skansen!

A Social Commentary 1

I started this blog because I felt like I constantly have something to say, whether it has weight or relevance or whimsy is irrelevant. So, I'm going to start this little series of posts. I expect they'll be few and far between, so if they're not to your taste they'll be easy to ignore! The … Continue reading A Social Commentary 1

Acting Hipster In Sodermalm!

Sodermalm is a district of Stockholm which was easily my favourite. It was visibly fashionable; effortlessly cool. We'd done our research before we came and had seen that it was home to one of the best viewpoints to see out over the city, so that's where we headed first. The view was great, and you … Continue reading Acting Hipster In Sodermalm!

Visiting Stockholm’s Museums (Part 1)

Stockholm is great for museums; there are so many, and lots of them come highly recommended. We only had three full days in the city, but we still managed to cram four into our time, so I'm going to talk about the first two I visited in this post ( I got quite camera happy!) … Continue reading Visiting Stockholm’s Museums (Part 1)