When The Sun Comes Out, Stripes Come Out!

It’s just a little over a month now until I’m off to Lisbon- woo! The temperature there averages something mad like 30 degrees Celsius in July so I thought it was about time I ordered some summer clothes from ASOS.

Multicoloured Striped T-Shirt- ASOS- £16


This summers main trend for males is stripes, so when I saw this t-shirt I added it straight to my basket. I got it a size up so its kind of oversized, perfect for when it’s hot. It’s pretty cheap which is always good, but you can tell in the quality. I’d never ordered an ASOS own t-shirt before, and I won’t do so again unless for a wardrobe staple such as this.

Pink Swimshorts- ASOS- £10


I wanted a cheap pair of swimshorts, just to bulk out my wardrobe and these were perfect. Really cheap and a great colour. Pink bottoms go with white or black up top, the two main colours I wear. They’ve also got much larger pockets than my other swimshorts, which is always good.

Embroidered White Cap- New Love Club- £12 *Was 25*


I’ve had my eye on this embroidered design in t-shirt form for quite some time, so when I saw it was available as a hat- and in the sale- I was quick to buy it. I’ve started wearing caps a lot recently. I always wear beanies in winter to avoid doing my hair, but only this year have I continued this into summer with caps. They’re a godsend and I’m a big fan of this one.

Black and White Striped T-Shirt- ASOS- £14


Again with the stripes, only this time black and white. This would look great under a denim jacket, which is the perfect look for evenings when it’s not quite warm enough to get away without wearing another layer. It would also look pretty good with a pair of simple black shorts, which takes me on to my next purchase!

Black Chino Shorts- D-Struct- £15


These are super simple, super basic black chino shorts, which is exactly what I was after. I wear black jeans 6 days out of 7, and I hate how hard it is to find a nice pair of black denim shorts, so this year I thought I’d settle for chinos. These were also in the sale, though I can’t remember the original price. They’re really versatile and summery.

Embroidered Espadrilles- ASOS- £12


I don’t do flip-flops, and I certainly don’t do sandals, so I buy a cheap pair of espadrilles most years just to be worn a few days over summer and then eventually binned. I’m largely a trainer person, but I like my trainers so much that it pains me to take them on to sand, so these shoes are a necessity rather than a want. But, this pair were pretty cool, and embroidery and animals are two other male trends this summer, so win win!

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