I Wrote Some Poetry

I’m an English Literature/ Creative Writing student at university, but I always struggle with poetry. I’m too matter of fact with my words, which works with my style in prose, but leaves a lot to be desired in my poems. It’s a style, nonetheless, and one that I suppose is not the most sophisticated, but easily accessible. I’ve left two poems below, one of which is a whimsical comedic piece and another which is slightly more serious.

honestly, i hate you

Kiss my arse for an apology
and then laugh at the hypocrisy.
I’m all I promised to be.

No holds barred
I’ll go far and keep quiet, proud.
Any negativity marred-

I live for it.

She said I’m the straw that broke the camels back
but fuck that
and fuck your cliche.


don’t call me a kid/adult/dead

A horny young man,
with no girl to touch my glans,
I guess I’ll just use my hand.
It’s the fourth time today man…

If money grew on trees
I’d plant enough for me
and no more.
I’m not a fucking charity. I’ve got bills to pay.

I wipe and pretend
everything is okay
but the blood on the sheet reminds me
my prostate has aged.



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