A Time To Reflect…

So it’s the 29th today, and the month is nearly over. I’ve posted a blog for each day of May and then a few more too, so I thought I’d take today’s post to look back on the month and share what I’m proud of and what I plan to do better in the future…


I’m really proud of how closely I stuck to my post a day mantra. It’s accelerated my blog in ways I didn’t know it would, and also accelerated my learning about the world of blogging in general. However, on reflection, days where I posted twice, maybe I should have scheduled the second post for the next day, so as to ease my workload for the next day..

However, I’m proud of my second posts. They’ve all been themed so that they aren’t my usual posts, and instead are a kind of chain of thought, with me rambling about issues or topics which interest me or inspire me to write. These posts have done pretty well relative to my usual posts, and I aim to continue these.


I’ve started to find some direction with my blog too. At first I thought travel was where I wanted to take it, but over time I’ve very much settled on Lifestyle. It’s a much broader header for everything else to fall under.

There have been some posts this month that maybe weren’t as whole-hearted as others, and I think to combat this I really need to find a good posting schedule. I’m thinking next month I’ll start posting three times a week, or maybe just as often as I have something to say? It will still be often, that’s for sure.


My proudest moment was hitting 40 followers this month, considering I had about 3 at the beginning! I’m super grateful for everyone who takes the time to follow me, and read my posts, so thank you!

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!




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