A Spontaneous Sunny Day Picnic In Holland!

The sun is well and truly out in the Netherlands this week, and it’s also ascension weekend. This is a Christian event which is actually a public holiday here, so everyone is off work and out enjoying the weather!

Today we decided it would be a good idea to cycle to a park about 15 minutes away and lounge by the lake they have there. The cycle itself is pretty damn nice, as you venture over the pretty large river that runs through Nijmegen…


On route we stopped off at the most overpriced supermarket in the country (unofficially but definitely true), Emte, and bought a few snacks, turning our little excursion into a spontaneous picnic, though it was a very limited one.. Lots of liquids to keep us hydrated- cold brew mint tea and smoothies, and strawberries and cakes.. We’d also pre-prepared salad, but honestly, the journey did it no justice and it looked kind of gross…



We chose a picnic bench right along the lake, and surprisingly there was hardly anyone around. There’s a much bigger park in the city called Goffertpark, a slightly smaller one called Kronenburg park, and then the beach, and I imagine all of these were more popular destinations today. Nonetheless our spot was very nice!


The park is a little strange, in that in the middle of all this greenery and peaceful surroundings, sits a giant pylon. After my trip to Dortmund, I can appreciate a kind of artistic juxtaposition of such a structure in a place of nature, so I think it makes for a cool photo.


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