5 Things Holding My Blog Back

I am really loving blogging at the moment! I’ve posted everyday since about the 3rd of May, and some days I’ve even posted twice- I’m constantly inspired and I spend my days out taking photos and preparing to write in the evenings. BUT, there are some things holding my blog back, which I’m going to discuss now…

  1. Lack of a camera- I don’t have a DSLR, or even something lesser, I literally just have my iPhone. I just don’t have the cash to invest in a camera right now, which really sucks because my photo quality suffers as a result, and thus my blog posts suffer. One day when I have a bit more disposable income a camera will be one of the first things I buy!
  2. Lack of my own domain– I’m very new to blogging, so I don’t know quite how important this actually is, but my site lacks the professionalism of someone who pays to have their site hosted. I also don’t have the customisation options available to me. I have, however, been looking into this, and I expect to make the jump to Bluehost pretty soon, so watch this space!
  3. Time to read others blogs- I currently subscribe to about 150 blogs, which probably isn’t many by the average standards, but I like to actually read what I subscribe to, so to keep on top of so many blogs involves a lot of spare time. It’s time well spent of course, as I can get a lot of inspiration from others words and photos, so if I could put more time into this, I would definitely get more out!
  4. Lack of funds to travel- A lot of the content on my site is travel based, and this is due to me being on a year abroad studying in the Netherlands, however when this year ends, which is pretty imminent, how do I go on travelling cheaply?! How can a small blogger who doesn’t earn any money from his writing continue to write about travels?
  5.  Money in general- Everything costs money! If I had a limitless supply half of what I’ve just written wouldn’t matter in the slightest. Alas, we live in a world where money is everything and yet isn’t everywhere.

This post certainly isn’t a moan though! I’m loving blogging, like I already said, and I’ll continue to do so, despite whatever is holding me back.. I’m not worried if I never make it to thousands of followers and millions of views- I was overjoyed to hit 30 followers yesterday!

Thanks for reading!


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