Modern Art In The Fotografiska!(Horsin’ Around)

The Fotografiska is an art gallery in Sodermalm which specialises in Modern Photography, and we were lucky enough to visit for the opening of a new exhibition all about horses. Now, I couldn’t care less about horses. They’re big scary animals as far as I’m concerned and I don’t see a ‘beauty’ in them. But this gallery was insanely good and I could definitely appreciate the art.


The pieces were all super varied and were far more than just pictures of horses. I’d never been to a gallery purely full of photography, so to see such an array of perspectives on one subject was quite eye opening. There were also a few other little bits and bobs to make the exhibition slightly more hands on, and one of these things was little bottles of scent which you could smell. Regrettably. The smell of horse sweat was the single worst thing I’ve ever intentionally smelt.

There was also a short piece of foreign film which was pretty weird, wherein a student woman rode (yes it is an innuendo) her teacher whilst imagining riding a horse (not an innuendo this time). Also, a sculpture which had been put in a stable and the horses filmed interacting with it. The sculpture smelt pretty bad too.


Another exhibition, which wasn’t new, was one by a man named Weegee, who was famed for being the first to crime scenes in New York and taking compromising, or humanising, or uplifting photos that were so perfectly timed. We weren’t allowed to take photos in this exhibition, so I can’t show you any of his work, but the photos were all incredible, and every photo told a story.

The third and last exhibition was again focused on a photographer, the name of whom escapes me. But this one was my favourite. The photos were incredible. Kind of haunting in a way, with lots of faces blurred, or blank stares at the camera. I spent ages in this room, really enthralled by the art. The pictures I took show off the work better than my words ever could.

IMG_3581IMG_3582IMG_3583IMG_3584IMG_3585They’re all so captivating, but also kind of terrifying, and I loved it! Thanks for reading and feel free to follow me if you want to see more!

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