A Social Commentary 2

When did it become so fashionable to be so self-deprecating?

Everyone is so negative! I constantly hear ‘ooo I’ll never afford a house’;’ ooo I see myself as a lonely spinster with cats’; ‘ooo I’ll never earn what my parents do’. Where is the positivity?

It’s become a trend to become negative and it really gets to me… I think I’m naturally quite a positive person, so I’m ground down by other people’s clouds of gloom. Just in Stockholm recently we were walking round a lovely suburb and one of my friends said ‘This feels a bit shit here.’ It really didn’t! Myself and a couple of others questioned what made it feel shit and she had no answer- it was just natural for her to be negative!

And there is nothing worse than people who kill others buzz. When some people are excited for an event and others are constantly moaning it’s going to be rubbish, even though they’re totally up for going.

The majority of my friends are university students. So they have the better job and life prospects of others their age who don’t attend. Yet constantly they berate themselves and see no optimism in their futures. But I know they don’t mean it.

It just isn’t ‘ on trend’ to have a bit of self confidence and optimism towards your future.

Right now I just seem to be surrounded by negativity! Its a trend which I hope doesn’t last too long, or maybe I just need to surround myself with happier people!

Thanks for reading, I’d love to know your opinions on the subject in the comments!


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