Chilling With The Animals at Skansen!

The final full day of my Stockholm trip blessed up with 26 degree sun, which is surely pretty rare for Sweden! It was an absolute scorcher, so obviously we wanted to spend it outdoors. We’d planned on going to a World Heritage Site which was a cemetery, but it was a good hour and a half train away, so we opted for Skansen instead- an outdoor museum stroke zoo. We first had a little wander through the park that the attraction was situated in, and the weather made it wonderful.


Bonus points if you spotted Mason in the tree ^^^^^

The first thing I noticed about Skansen, and probably my most lasting impression of the place was how flipping hilly it was! It was borderline torturous in the weather, and I hadn’t packed for this sun! I had to roll up my jeans and my sleeves and embrace looking like an A grade plum.


Literally the worst photo ever.

I didn’t really know what to expect by an ‘Outdoor Museum’ but basically it was like a recreation of what Sweden would’ve looked like many years ago, which was really cool actually! There were also people dressed in period costumes to add to the authenticity.


The main draw of this place for us was the zoo, and fitting with the Swedish theme it specialised in native animals. This made it pretty different from other zoos I’ve been to, as there were no lions, tigers, giraffes etc etc. Instead the stars of the show were different breeds of bear, which were actually really cool, wolves, and moose. I’m not sure I’d seen a moose before this! Looking back at my photos I unfortunately got very few of any animals.



There was also an optional Lemur walk which cost another 12 euros. None of us wanted to pay for this except for Mason, who is a massive Lemur fan… So we waited and watched him from outside.


We actually spent a really long time here, soaking up the sun, and the place had a good friendly vibe, with lots of happy people!

Also, as it was so hilly there were again great views of the city…


For about 16 euros Skansen is a really great day out, with plenty to keep you entertained all day! Thanks for reading!


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