Acting Hipster In Sodermalm!

Sodermalm is a district of Stockholm which was easily my favourite. It was visibly fashionable; effortlessly cool. We’d done our research before we came and had seen that it was home to one of the best viewpoints to see out over the city, so that’s where we headed first. The view was great, and you could see the sprawling city, but this isn’t why you go to Sodermalm.

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Coffee. Coffee shops absolutely everywhere, so this was the next port of call. I have no idea what the place we went to was called, but it was pretty cool inside, nicely decorated and the coffee was great. It was the most unique flavour I’ve ever experienced and the first time I’d ever describe the drink as tangy.



Caffeinated to our eyeballs, we were ready to shop. Now, Sweden is obviously home to IKEA, and the country is famous for it’s cutting edge in interior design, so we headed to a highly recommended homestore called Granit. If I owned my own house I could’ve spent a fortune in there; there was soooo much nice stuff and actually reasonably priced for an expensive country.


As a fashionable, hipster place, Sodermalm was loaded with vintage clothing stores. I love having a browse through these, though it’s rare I find something worth buying. On this occasion I had no luck, but two of my friends, Mason and Emily, both struck lucky. Every vintage shop had it’s own character. Some were sleek and clean, whilst others were cluttered and antique feeling. It meant browsing endless shops never got dull. IMG_3544IMG_3546IMG_3548IMG_3550IMG_3571

Shopping is hungry work, and soon enough we’d all built up an appetite. We had a reservation at a Vegetarian buffet called Hermans, which boasted an outdoor garden with views over the city, which is where we sat for dinner. The food was delicious! There were only about five hot dishes to choose from, and another ten or so salads, and so the quality was high in place of quantity. The sun was truly out by this point, so we sat and ate, and then sat some more, for a long time enjoying the weather.



After this we had a bit more of a wander, chilled in one of the districts many parks and just relaxed after lots of shopping and walking. I loved the place so much, this is the day where I truly fell in love with Stockholm. It’s just such an amazing place I wish I could go back tomorrow! Later on we went to the Fotograskia, a modern photography gallery, but I’m saving that for another blog post, so stay tuned for that! Thanks for reading, and enjoy a few more photos!


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