A Social Commentary 1

I started this blog because I felt like I constantly have something to say, whether it has weight or relevance or whimsy is irrelevant. So, I’m going to start this little series of posts. I expect they’ll be few and far between, so if they’re not to your taste they’ll be easy to ignore!

The generation I am from seem to be making huge steps towards understanding. I feel we are understanding people, tolerant people. If you look at history I feel there has probably never been a better time to be gay in Britain, and mental illness is finally starting to gain the credibility as a medical condition that it deserves. And these things are surely going to improve as new era thinking progresses and old traditionalist views die out.

And one thing that can’t be denied is the power of social media. Mental illness and eating disorders have a massive platform on social media. People speak out about their own issues and people help out others. Someone will get ripped to shreds for making jokes about such topics, by hordes of angry, protective teens and twenty somethings. And this is okay, freedom of speech etc…

But here is where my observation begins.

These same people who are so pro helping those with mental illness and eating disorders, are the same people who make jokes about alcoholism ALL the time. I can not scroll down my Facebook news feed without countless jokes about how university and alcohol and laughing off alcoholism.

Why is it that people who are so understanding about anorexia and OCD and everything else laugh at people who are addicted to alcohol.

If someone sought help for alcoholism on Facebook I’m sure a dozen of people would laugh it off and reply with comments suggesting they too are alcoholics.

Frankly, I don’t spend enough time on social media to truly care about this issue, and I’m privileged enough to be affected by none of it. But it’s just food for thought. I’m just playing the devils advocate.

When did a generation so tolerant become so dismissive, and who decided this was okay?

Thanks for reading..


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