Visiting Stockholm’s Museums (Part 1)

Stockholm is great for museums; there are so many, and lots of them come highly recommended. We only had three full days in the city, but we still managed to cram four into our time, so I’m going to talk about the first two I visited in this post ( I got quite camera happy!)

The first museum we went to was the Vasa Museum, which is a ‘must-see’ in Stockholm, and it lived up to its billing. You walk in and instantly see this g i a n t perfectly preserved war ship. IMG_3472IMG_3473

The boat is super intricate and really takes a while to fully comprehend what you’re seeing.. There are multiple levels to the museum too, so you can see it from all manner of heights.IMG_3474IMG_3485IMG_3496

As well as the giant ship there are loads of little bits and bobs to see, relating to the history of the boat. For about 11 pounds with the student discount it was well worth visiting, and a really good start to the Stockholm trip!

After this museum we decided we’d do a free one, considering it isn’t the cheapest city in the world by any stretch! So we headed to the Natural History museum, which is actually on the university campus, so we saw that building too!IMG_3499

This museum was good, but if you compare it to London’s version it wasn’t quite as impressive. Coming from England, we are a bit spoilt in regards of museums and not having to pay for them, so ones which are unique like the Vasa were a bit better. Nonetheless the Natural History did have some great taxidermy!


The collection of bones and whatnot was also pretty good, with a decent dinosaur room.. I think maybe it was aimed somewhat at children, but it killed a couple of hours easily and for free, it’s probably worth seeing. I should note, the main attraction at this place is the cosmological, which is a giant cinema type planetarium, but you pay about 8 pounds for 20 minutes and we weren’t that fussed about it..

Thanks for reading, and look out for part 2 soon, where I visited the Nordic Lights museum and the Fotograskia!



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