I’m Back From Stockholm!

Stockholm was incredible. It’s the first city that I’ve been to where I’d happily move there tomorrow. In fact I kind of do want to live there at some point in my life now, I loved it that much. We had three entire days there, and a half day at the start, and it just wasn’t enough. I felt like we scratched the surface; it’s just not possible to drink in every amazing looking coffee shop or browse every single vintage store.

We spent a full day visiting museums, a full day in sodermalm (which is my favourite place ever) and a full day in Skansen, which is a giant park with a zoo in the middle, and as the weather got up to 26 degrees that day it was so nice. I’ve got many blog posts planned to chat about these things I got up to, but considering I had to wake up at 5am to come home, they’ll have to wait. For now I’ll leave you with a few photos of my trip…


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