Throwback To My 21st Birthday

I’ve been 21 for a good few months now, but I’ve never written about what I got up to on here, so this is a bit of a nostalgia post… I didn’t have the money or energy to do anything massive so I went to the casino, followed by the pub.

Now, usually, the casino is a pretty relaxed affair for my friends and I, but we decided that considering the occasion, we’d make more of an effort. So we dressed up in our suits (tie and everything for Dan) and headed out. We didn’t go on any machines, instead opting for the more glitzy and glamorous tables. I spunked twenty pounds on the roulette wheel in about ten minutes. My birthday was becoming less of a celebration fast.

I know some people will think twenty pounds is nothing, but I’m a poor student and I couldn’t afford to lose such an amount!

But it was my birthday, and nothing was going to hold me back, so I walked up to the blackjack table and boldly put down a tenner.

I went on the biggest blackjack roll possible, winning back my lost twenty and more, with absolute ease. I felt like a professional gambler making all the right calls and raking the chips in. Birthday luck at its finest. I cashed out with a reasonable win and we headed for the pub.


Thanks to my friends, I didn’t spend a lot on alcohol and copious beers, gin and tonics and bottles of wine were bought and consumed rather quickly. Dan and I especially indulged, until it was time to leave the pub and head to McDonalds- of course.

I realise upon reading this back that there really isn’t that much to say about my birthday. In many ways it was very uneventful and run of the mill, but I enjoyed myself. However, something magical did happen.. A certain someone found love!!! (Dan)


Insert a love heart between them for full effect…

Thanks for reading!


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