Phone Free For One Hour Everyday?

Just like everyone these days, I spend the majority of my time in front of screens. Whether I’m inside on my laptop, or outside actually doing something, my phone is there to give me my internet fix. Recently I decided enough is enough, and for one hour everyday, I’ve put my phone aside and done  absolutely nothing.

No music, no reading, no anything. If the weather’s good I go outside and find a bench and just sit. It’s the perfect time to just think and have no external influences on what’s going on in your mind. I’ve listed a few reasons I’ve found doing this so important..

  1. You get some perspective on what’s really important in your life right now. When you aren’t scrolling through facebook there’s no constant stream of bullshit and you can evaluate what’s going on in your world, and what you actually care about. Stepping back and looking in is important.
  2. It’s relaxing! Sitting and watching the world go by give you time to switch off and get some relaxing time without any artificial lights blinding your eyes.
  3. It motivates you. After an hour of sitting doing nothing you start itching to do something, and something productive at that. I’m writing this straight after sitting by the river for an hour.

Maybe it isn’t for everyone, or maybe an hour is too long for some people, but I really do think it’s important to just take some time every day and have it entirely to yourself. It’s almost meditative.




Thanks for reading!


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