I’m Off To Stockholm!

*Just a little life update*

As you read this I should be in the air, on my way from Dusseldorf Weeze to Stockholm! I’ll be there until Saturday, so I’ve plenty of time to explore and see all the city has to offer and I’m excited! I’m staying in an airbnb 20 minutes out of the centre by train, with four friends.

We’re planning to check out the big war ship preserved in the museum (the name escapes me), all the art in the subway stations, possibly the ABBA museum, and loads more, so look forward to some posts about what I get up to- Follow me on here to get the juice straight to your email inbox!

I’m not taking my laptop with me, so my posts will come gradually once I’m home, but I’ve scheduled some to come up every night this week regardless, so there’ll still be plenty of Jarrad!

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