My England Travels In Instagrams

A while ago I wrote a blog post where I went through my old Instagram pictures and talked about they showed my life changing. I really enjoyed the little nostalgia trip so I thought today I’d do a part two, of sorts, and go through the different places I’ve visited in England, the country I’m from! You can see my original post here..


I’m starting this post with a very English place indeed- the birthplace of Shakespeare himself- Stratford Upon Avon. I was about to go into my first year of English Literature at degree level, so this trip was perfect. We went to Shakespeare’s birthplace, his house, and even his grave, following his footsteps round the city. Everything is well preserved, and the place itself is really nice.


You can’t have lived in England without visiting London, and I’m lucky enough to only be a 40 minute train journey away. This was my first time in Hyde Park, which is probably the most famous of the London parks. I saw Arcade Fire there, and have since seen Blur, Florence and the Machine, and Kendrick Lamar in this park, so it holds many happy memories.


It became really popular a few years ago to have a ‘staycation’ whereby you don’t travel abroad for holiday, instead you head elsewhere in the country, so we gave it a try, and have done again since, and headed to Dorset. It’s pretty close to Cornwall, which is arguably the prettiest part of England, and when the weather’s good its a great place to be. I think the view I photographed in this instagram is comparable to one of the nicest coasts you’d find in France.


Having family in Newcastle means I’ve been to the most geographically Northern city in England multiple times, and on one trip we stopped off in the Lake District on the way back. It’s a really beautiful place, really popular with hikers and photographers, because of the many lakes (Duh!) and amazing scenery. Flipping cold though!


I’ve got a friend who goes to university in Brighton, so this photo was taken on a trip to see him. I’m a really big fan of the city, although we didn’t actually go central on this particular occasion. It’s full of independent coffee shops and clothes stores and then has the beach and the famous pier to top it off. I could see myself living in Brighton one day…


Just North of my university in Hertfordshire is Knebworth, home to Knebworth House. It’s a giant stately home, where a family still actually live. We went to an outdoor cinema here to see Dirty Dancing, which isn’t my favourite film and I think I actually slept through some of it but I don’t feel like I missed out.

Thanks for reading and sharing my memories! Please check out my instagram, the links are all over the bottom of this page.. and my username is on every single photo!!

Thanks again!


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