Summer, Selfies and Sunglasses

Summer is approaching fast and if there is one thing I can’t get enough of it’s sunglasses. I buy a few pairs every year, and I always go for the cheap high street ones rather than splashing out on one expensive pair. This is just because I get bored of them quite quickly, and I feel like they’re a fashion which changes quite quickly so I just don’t feel the desire to spend big. In this post I’m going to go through my 3 favourite pairs which I’ll be wearing most this summer.IMG_3429

  1. Round frames from ASOS


*The lighting is a bit all over the place in these pictures because the sun kept going in and out- I’m sorry…*

These were my favourite sunglasses last summer and I got a load of wear out of them. Out of my entire collection I think they’re the ones that go best with a hat, and they come quite low on the face too which is perfect to hide those heavy bags after late nights. That’s what makes them my number one choice at festivals! They’re also the cheapest of the 3 I’m showing here- something like £10? Really cheap, not bad quality and pretty cool!

2. Coloured Lens from AJ Morgan


I bought this pair just a few days ago, so they’re yet to be put to good use, but I love them already. I think the coloured lens, which is kind of purple-yellow is really nice. I’ve seen a pair of Ray-Bans quite similar to these, which I feel AJ Morgan may have copied, and for £18 these are much more affordable! They’re quite big which is fashionable right now, with thin frames, a great contrast.

3. Wayfarer Type Sunglasses from Topman 


These ones show my eyes a bit more and I realise now how miserable I look but hey, that’s just me.. These were probably a bit more fashionable years gone by, but at the same time they’re kind of timeless? No-ones ever going to judge you for wearing them, they always look good, it’s just their popularity which comes and goes. Anyway I like them, the tortoiseshell frames are cool and the gold under the lens’ is a really nice touch. They’re the most expensive at a still cheap £25 and they’re the only pair which came with a proper case so you get what you pay for!

So, three pairs of sunglasses here and I’m set for summer. I’ve got a pair to go with most outfits, and I shouldn’t need to invest in anymore. And all three came to only £53 which is basically half the price of one pair of Ray-Bans. You could get six pairs of high street for the price of one designer.

I spout all this but I do own Nike trainers when I could’ve bought three pairs at primark, a Carharrt coat when I could’ve bought two jackets at New Look, Levis Shirts, Adidas Jackets etc etc etc. I’m quite firmly a sucker for a brand with most things, so I don’t know why I’m different with sunglasses. I certainly can’t preach frivolity or anti-materialism.. I dunno, take what I say with a pinch of salt!

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