Get To Know Me: My Room

I’ve realised I write a lot about what I’m up to, but I’ve never really talked about myself. So every now and then I’m going to post a little something a touch more personal, starting with the contents of my room. I currently live in a student block called Vossenveld in Nijmegen, Netherlands, so if you think the room looks a little prison-y that isn’t my fault! I’ve done the best I can to make it me. So I’m going to start with where I’m writing this very post- my desk.


Yes, the upside down Passport annoys me as much as you. This is my first ever attempt at a flat lay so be kind. So obviously I always have my laptop on my desk, but I also have a little notepad where I’ve started jotting ideas for this blog, which has helped me with organisation and getting posts out regularly. My passport is always to hand otherwise I forget where I’ve put it and I always always always have a coffee on the go which leads to my next picture…


This is my little hot drink corner of my desk. The copious amounts of water next to the electric socket probably isn’t smart but I like to live on the edge. As you can see- coffee and fruit teas. And sweetener. Cos I’m a sweetie.


My bed is where I spend most of my time, like most student twenty-somethings. I really like the face cushion I found in flying tiger but it does creep me out sleeping next to it at night. My shelves are equipped with bits and bobs I’ve picked up on my travels, candles (I had a real phase), and photo frames- some with friends in, some with art.


These are my plants, which have really grown under my love, care and guidance. I’ll be a great parent one day, as long as my child only needs a little water once a week.


This is the view from my window. It’s pretty nice, but the other side of the building has views on to the river, which is much better. Those wine bottles are home to two candles, and are decorated in loads of candle wax. It would’ve worked a lot better on red wine bottles but I didn’t think about that until it was too late.


I was going to buy a big wall throw for here, but I settled on this scarf I bought from an international football game at Ajax Arena. Honestly, I never sit in this chair, and before I took this picture I had to wipe a hefty layer of dust off it, but now I’m going to use it for my bags, because it looks cool.


The room doesn’t have much wardrobe space, and now I realise I didn’t even take a photo of the wardrobe… But yeah, I have to use these shelves to house some of my clothes, and it’s really inconvenient because if I want something from the bottom of a pile I have to refold all the clothes above it.

That’s basically it for my room.. I hope you’ve enjoyed having a snoop.. Before I came to Nijmegen I couldn’t find any photos from inside Vossenveld, so maybe this will be helpful to some future students! Thanks for reading!


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