Glass Animals// TivoliVredenburg Utrecht// 04.05.2017

I can’t profess to be a long time fan of Glass Animals, as much as I’d like to. I first heard of them on Radio 1 when they dropped the first single from the newest album- ‘Life Itself’. I instantly fell in love with the chilled yet dancey vibe and checked out their previous work on spotify, eagerly awaiting the second album, which I also loved. So when I saw they were playing in Utrecht I snapped up the chance, and bought the tickets well in advance.

As soon as we walked into the Ronda Room which is where they were playing, we decided we are just too old/lazy/boring to be in the thick of the crowd, so we headed upstairs to get a spot against the balcony, which meant a great view. First things first, the support band obviously played. They were a female fronted band called Elder Island who played mellow alt pop songs, which was alright but it didn’t really inspire me, and I doubt I’ll keep my ear out for them in the future. They weren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination- they were just pleasant.. and I like a little more to my music than pleasant. After Elder Island there was a two minute silence in remembrance of fallen Dutch citizens and soldiers from the war, and this was held remarkably well, without any announcement stating its immediate happening. The music went down and so did the heads of everyone, which was nice to see; really respectful.


Then it was time for Glass Animals. The stage was kitted out brilliantly, with a massive disco ball which was in the shape of a pineapple and some huge cactus models at the back. The band came out and immediately broke into ‘Life Itself’, straight into one of their biggest songs, which really got the night going quickly. Song after song came and despite the somewhat chilled nature of the music, live it comes across as energetic and vibrant, helped along by the super lively band. The lead singer was sporting a broken ankle but this didn’t stop him from dancing, bounding across the stage, and even up onto the balcony which was great fun. One song that particularly shone live for me was Agnes, which was never a stand out on the album, but takes on a new life live. It’s way more intense and epic. The pineapple disco ball was put into full effect, lighting up the stage and the crowd, and before I knew it the show was over! They can’t have played for any more than an hour and twenty, but I guess this is pretty standard- I was just left wanting more!


They’re a really great live band, and one that I’m lucky enough to cross paths with again in July, so I’ll look forward to that! Thanks for reading!