David Baddiel: My Family- Not The Sitcom @ Playhouse Theatre

I didn’t know anything of David Baddiel before I went to this show.. Much of his work is before my time or just never came up on my radar. The ticket was bought due to an online special offer combined with a want of something to do- and I’m flipping glad I went! Things started well, before the show had even begun, when I was asked if I would like to move forward, going from about 3 rows from the back to much closer! I wouldn’t quite call it a stand up comedy show- there was a heavy reliance on the large screen behind him, which helped Baddiel move along entertaining stories of his mother and father with some genuinely funny video clips and pictures.

The first half of the show was based largely around his mother and stories of her affair and love of sex, which may sound uncomfortable and unnecessary,but Baddiel delivers the stories in such a way that it’s touching and thought provoking and certainly not humiliating. The second half focuses slightly more on his father who suffers a form of dementia which makes him ruder. This is told in an similar fashion, all whilst considering whether dementia is something which can be laughed at.

A key theme of the show is finding comedy in the darkest of places and using it as a medicine, and this is what really makes the show leave a mark. I’ve since read a lot of reviews calling the show a love letter to his parents and whilst I agree with this, I feel that the show is not so personal that the audience can’t relate. I came away feeling like I’d done something worthwhile with my time, and I think it was a really unique evening. I highly recommend it!

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