My Life In Instagrams

Now, obviously I haven’t had Instagram my entire life, but I got the app in about 2013, so it holds a lot of memories throughout my journey into adulthood. This post is a bit of a blast through the past, starting when I turned 18. I hope you enjoy!


My birthday is on the 28th of December, so obviously New Years is very soon after. (Ignore the fact that I uploaded this a throwback!) I can’t remember what I did on the exact date of my birthday, but just 4 days later I went to Asda, bought a heap of beers and went to see the New Years fireworks in London! This was the final year of it being a free event which made it all the sweeter. The fireworks were great, the legal alcohol was better, and the cold was easily ignored as the happy atmosphere shone! We had a great spot as you can see, right in front of the London Eye, which made for quite the photo!


Eight months later and it was time for me to move out of my parent’s house in Essex and make the move to university, in Hertfordshire. I lived in halls for my first year, in Welwyn block and it was a great experience. I think something that makes halls all the sweeter is that you only experience once, for one year, so you make the most of it. This instagram is from one of the nights of Freshers week, overlooking the club from the balcony as Sigma DJ’d. It was probably my favourite night of that week, and it was the start of many more fun nights out and great experiences!


Another year on, and I moved into six bedroom house, still in Hertfordshire, with these guys. We had a great house, absolutely huge, and us 3 boys had the top floor to ourselves. This photo was taken before the Christmas ball, I believe, and Katy B performed at it. I loved having that house, although it was super expensive, it was a lot more adult than halls and we had a decent size garden to have bbqs in the summer! We decorated it pretty well for Christmas too- though we’re blocking the tree in this pic!


At the end of the Uni year, I went on my first holiday without my parents. Obviously by this point I’d been living away for two years, and I’d been on school trips and whatnot, but I’d never been properly on holiday with just a friend. In this case- Dan. I’ve been friends with Dan since we bonded over music in GCSE science so it was only right that our first holiday away was to a music festival; namely BBK Live in Bilbao. We both love Arcade Fire who were headlining, but the stellar lineup as a whole convinced us. It was such a great week, even if the weather wasn’t as we’d imagined, and the hostel experiences weren’t phenomenal. We learnt from our mistakes and booked an apartment for our next holiday! Nonetheless, it was an incredible experience!


On the 13th of August 2016 I moved to Nijmegen in The Netherlands, to start a year of studying abroad. Little did I know when I took this photo, that the places I pictured were the main nightclubs in town, and I’d be spending a lot of time (and money) in them!! I’ve had the most amazing time on my year abroad, especially in my first semester, where I’ve met some really great people from all over the world! I can’t wait to go and visit my pals in the States and in South Korea one day!


I’m going to end this post similarly to how I started it- with a birthday! At the end of last year I turned 21, and celebrated it in style (literally- we all dressed pretty smart- especially Dan who went all our with a tie). We went to the casino where I quickly lost all my money on the roulette table and then won it all back plus more playing blackjack. We then went to the pub and drank copious amounts as you should on your 21st. Big credit to Dan for this Birthday as he definitely the won the dress up and was the only one to keep up with me on the drinking front! Its his turn next!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed seeing my life through Instagram! If you want to follow me you can find me @jvrrvdsvul


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