Sculptures In The Forest

A little while ago, in one of the finer anonymous towns of South Western England, I visited a sculpture ‘garden’. I put quotation marks around the word garden because it was far more than that. It was an entire forest filled with over 200 sculptures, and whilst some of them were proudly on display, some were slightly more hidden. This meant that you’d stumble upon them, or glimpse them first out of the corner of your eye, and the environment they were in then became part of the art itself. I spent ages at this place, and everything was so photogenic I came away with a horde of pics, so I thought I’d share just a few in this post! I visited on a beautiful summers day, yet the forest/garden was near enough empty, which made for an even more atmospheric visit! Also, I have to give an honourable mention to the cafe at the entrance for one of the best brownies I’ve ever had!

Enjoy the photos!


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